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Specialized Weightlifting Programs

Use Olympic weightlifting to build the body of your dreams.
Most people's current level of fitness doesn't reflect where they want to be in life. Joyfully Weightlifting uses the effectiveness of the Olympic lifts to build the body of your dreams. 
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Have you wasted time in the gym by:

  • Trying fad workouts

  • Using ineffective exercises that looked good on Instagram

  • Being on a program that wasn't written for your goals

  • Going to the gym without a long-term plan for your health

  • Not knowing if you're doing an exercise right

  • Doing the same old workouts again and again

  • Getting inured because you are following a program written by an elite lifter


Our customers never have to worry if their workouts are made for them

I understand how it feels to struggle with guessing what to do in the gym to reach your goals. I feel your pain and I have been in your shoes. It feels so much better to know you are chipping away at your goals with every exercise you do. This is why I want to use my 17 years of experience to help you achieve your dream body. 

Start in 3 Easy Steps

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1. Choose the program that aligns with your goals

Browse the programs Joyfully Weightlifting offers and select the one that aligns with your goals.

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2. Get your specialized workouts straight to your phone

Receive the specialized programming that is designed to help you reach your chosen goal.

3. Build the body of your dreams

Follow your program's specially selected, full-body exercises to begin building your dream body.

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At Joyfully Weightlifting, we know you are the kind of people who want to make real, sustainable progress in the gym. To be that way, you need a workout program that is specialized to your goals. The problem is, you are not reaching your potential when you follow fads or random workouts from social media, instead of a long-term plan. We believe you shouldn't have to stress about selecting exercises to make progress. We understand that you might feel unsure or overwhelmed, trying to make up Olympic lifting workouts on your own. That's why we want to use our 17 years of experience to bring you highly effective, specialized training programs, and coaching.  Here's how it works-- you choose the program most aligned with your goals, you will receive your customized program, and start lifting! So sign up for a Joyfully Weightlifting program today so you can stop wasting your time in the gym and start building the body of your dreams.  

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1:1 Coaching Form

1:1 Training from Natalie

To get started with a customized program and 1:1 coaching from Natalie, fill out this form and you will be contacted shortly.

Do you currently have a coach?
“Incredible coach, top tear quality instruction, with a  genuine motivational spirit.”

-Laura Robertson

Movement Coach
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